Friday, February 24, 2006

Probing Questions

Biblical foodfight beginning with "m" and six letters.


I made a list last week of things I have to do before the book comes out. Lists make me feel good. I'm Virgo so they're soothing to me. Now this weekend I have to attempt to actually do some of them. I have to call the person who runs the community theatre festival over Memorial Day and say what? Please let me come there and, well, do what? Sit at a table? Sell books? Speak? Hopefully Curtain Number Two. I have to contact my various alumni organizations. Okay, so there's only two, but it seems daunting.

I spoke to a professor with whom I used to chat frequently when we shared the same classroom. He seemed stunned that I knew him.

I like my classes. Just now we are at that warm and fuzzy phase where they know me and I know them and everyone is comfortable. The thing about teaching is that it ends and you never see them again. Not that you want to exactly, but it's a constant starting over, learning new names, etc.

I love looking up the time of sunset and time of sunrise. Today the sun rose at 6:30 and it will set at 5:30 here in my town. The 25 minutes or so before and after these events are called "civil twilight." Isn't that great? I love the concept of twilight being civil. If only all humans could be so during at least those time periods. I SAID SHUT UP!!! NO! YOU CAN'T SAY THAT NOW, IT'S CIVIL TWILIGHT!!! OH, OKAY, COULD YOU PLEASE BE QUIET?

See? Also it makes me happy to look up these facts and compare them to last November and December when it got dark a full half hour earlier (or even more).
Nyah nyah, we're heading into spri-ing.

Now I must go and see what my class has for me today.

always be civil,
A bientot


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What are you looking for today?


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