Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day Four

Okay, so I made it to Day Four of South Beach Diet. It's good. It's okay. In a way, it feels like all the diets I've tried. I sort of have that sense of holding my breath. You get all kinds of snacks, though, so that will help me. What happens when I get into a "situation"? I'm celebrating a friend's birthday tonight. Am I supposed to decline a piece of cake? What about on Friday when I normally go out to lunch?

Other problems? You really have to take a grocery list with you so as not to forget all the little doodads. It's somewhat expensive too and I didn't buy nearly enough greens. My weekly bill is usually around $45 just for myself and it was $75 or so last Sunday. I am practically out of everything now and I don't shop again supposedly until Sunday. So better planning is in order.

Plus what's with all the preparation? Yuck. I don't like to spend time preparing food. So I make a lot of easy substitutions (legal, I swear).

So enough about that. I've been really enjoying my classes lately. Who knows, I might be enjoying them and my students might be groaning. Big ton of papers came in on Tuesday and I graded ten of them yesterday. I was harsher this time. They should know better on some of these things. We tried to pick some vocabulary words yesterday and my students did not know "curt" or "visage" or even "twitter." I started imitating "twitter," you know I said, it's like chirping, chirp chirp, and they cracked up.

I have to order postcards soon. I want to enjoy all the book events, I really do. But I can tell in a way I will be so nervous I will dread them. We humans. We're so predictable.

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