Tuesday, February 28, 2006

South Beach Diet

Okay, so I'm trying it. The other plan wasn't working. I know when I'm beaten and I was beaten.

I started yesterday and I felt pretty hungry. My instincts were to go indulge my hunger but I didn't. I like the rocotta creme you get to have for a snack. That is good. I'm pretty sure the one I made was bigger than half a cup, though. Half a cup? That's like NOTHING. Also the portion of salmon I had for dinner was certainly larger than 4 oz. Steamed broccoli has zero calories, so I felt entitled. I also could have had tossed salad but I'm too lazy to make it.

Chop the celery.
Chop the cucumbers.
Chop the carrots
Shred the lettuce.

So we'll see how it goes.

Yesterday was a maddening day in other respects too. People who won't call me back, tasks that can't get finished for some reason. I called various alumni associations in order to publicize my book in them, and of course had to JOIN while I was at it. Ka-ching. Now my money is gone from the checking account, but I've received no notification that I'm a member or how I can put in an entry.

Sorry for the rant. My agent Kristin has a great blog called and if you're interested in the publishing biz, it's the best one to read.

A bientot

A bientot


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