Wednesday, March 08, 2006

South Beach Diet Doesn't Work

My total loss in a week and a half is one pound. ONE!!!! I had lost another one and a half, but that loss has been erased. AND I'M STICKING TO IT NIGHT AND DAY!!!! It's one thing if I'd been cheating...

The book says you will lose 8-13 pounds after the first two weeks. I will settle for three pounds. If I don't get that, I'm bailing. I can get the same effect for a lot less trouble and cooking and dishwashing.

Okay, sorry for the rant. I think I was boring in class today. Every now and then I will see a student almost falling asleep right in front of me. I consider that my fault, not the student's. But then I don't really know what to do. Start jumping up and down and crossing my eyes? SAY HEY YO!!!!'S'UP DUDE?

My slightly obnoxious student is behaving himself most of the time. One of his favorite things to do is yawn loudly. (everyone's now thinking--GOD, SHE REALLY IS BORING] I told him today I wished he wouldn't do that. He's always very apologetic and then does the same thing again. His idol is Che Guevara, believe it or not and he wears Che tee-shirts all the time.

I'm at 32,000 words now on VICTORY. Plus I finally sent off advanced copies of CG to my two alma maters. I hope they get read. My talented friend Jihyon is going to help me update my web site soon. What I really need is to learn how to do it myself. I suppose that is in the future. It will be absolute heaven not to work in May and June, even though I'll be traveling.

It's hard out here for a pimp.

A bientot


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