Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Break

Yes, that's right, I'm on spring break and I will be this week and next. I've decided to see the glass as half full. I get three days off this week and two next week, so yee ha!!!

I spent the morning working on Victory. I wrote a skunk scene that I enjoyed. Now I'm worried that I have so many events crammed into each chapter that it will be confusing.

FIE UPON THAT. I'm going forward, no matter what.

Hey. If you're writing skunk scenes, how bad can it be?

I see that Catholic Charities, rather than place a child who needs a home with a loving gay couple, is getting out of the business. Way to go. Sheesh. Joan Vennochi in the Globe has it right--when will liberal Catholics pick up their things and get the hell out? It's way past time. I did it long ago.

So enough of the ethical/moral/political commentary. I'll leave that for Jon Stewart, who had the funniest line at the Oscars when he said, "You know, I think it just got a little easier out here for a pimp." I howled.

A cat was just in my back yard. My parents get terribly offended when cats come into their yard. My dad suggested a year ago that he was going to set a trap and catch the cat and take it out to the country and let it go. I said dad, that would be really cruel to the cat and to the owners, wouldn't it? Yes, but we don't want it in our yard, he said.

The caregiver told me she is taking him to see an oncologist. That has me worried, of course.

Off to more spring break fun. Cleaning the kitchen.

Sacre Bleu!


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