Friday, March 17, 2006

The Tupperware Laugh

The Tupperware laugh, as I may have already explained, is the laugh one gives when asked to host a Tupperware party. It's a big hearty belly laugh, involving ho ho ho and ha ha ha and can go on for several minutes. It is a laugh unto itself.

Other laughs are peculiar to the laugher, of course. I have a strange whipoorwill kind of laugh I do in polite situations. It starts in the low registers and then ends way up high in a silly kind of bird twittery sound. I also have a a robust kind of har har laugh, the kind you use when something is being made fun of. Those aren't real, though. I can do them right now as I sit here without any provocation. A real laugh you can't conjure up. They only happen, well, when you're really laughing. That kind is deep and cleansing and clears your head and brain. I'm privileged enough to have friends who make me laugh like that. Also my brother. I'm old enough to know it's one of life's great pleasures.

I just arrived at 39,859 words on Victory.

Biggest worry: Some chapters are long and involved. Some seem too short.

Biggest hope: It makes sense.

FYI: The scale showed an additional one and one half pound loss yesterday. So of course I'm swanning around in seventh heaven. That's ten pounds lost since the very beginning, five on South Beach. It's such a long and arduous path.

What if John Lennon had written the song that way--"A Long and Arduous Path"? Possibly not the hit it was.

Sacre Bleu!


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