Monday, May 01, 2006

Well, I bought a black outfit. What a SHOCK. I never buy anything except black and this time I really tried not to.

No way am I going to stand up there Thursday night in bright white anything. The stores are full of sailor-ey nautical white outfits--forget it, it's too early for that. The other chic color is evidently brown. Yuck. Brown makes me look washed out and so does that fuchsia puke green color which is everywhere.

There I was trudging through the mall, probably looking grouchy as all hell. Some stores I'm not cool enough to go into any more. You just know. STAY OUT. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT COMING IN HERE. One is "bebe." Have we seen this, ladies and gentlemen? It's not a new store either. I can remember going in there with my daughter ten years ago. Yeah!! YOU'RE OLD HAT!! YOUR JEANS AREN'T RIPPED!! AND YOU CALL YOURSELF CHIC!

I hate the music they play in most of the stores. What's wrong with quiet?

I went to a bridal shower last week and some of the young girls were wearing very attractive, I don't know what you would call them, gaucho pants? They looked great, but these babes don't wear nylons. No one wears pantyhose any more except those of us with something to hide. My legs are pasty white and always have been. So is my whole body. I have that white Irish skin with the blue veins thing going on. A map of New York state on my chest.

I taught my last MWF class this morning for the semester. I was unexpectedly irritated by them too. A couple of them failed to turn in the big paper that counts for TWO papers, the one that was assigned six weeks ago. AS I frequently say, some people just can't do the work. It's regrettable.

God, I am so nervous.

A bientot


At 10:38 PM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Good luck - knock 'em dead!

At 1:15 AM , Blogger Julie said...

Yes, they are gauchos. My daughters want them even though I tell them we were wearing them when I was in junior high in the late 70s...or maybe it was high school. Heck, I can't even remember. That doesn't seem to scare them off, as much as it scares ME!

Next thing you know, they'll be wearing knickers again. I'm seeing a frightening pattern. :)

Good luck with your release!

At 12:51 PM , Blogger Faith said...

I own a lot of black clothing simply because it's chick. I also have great legs, but I always where hose when I wear a skirt or dress because I'm very, very fair.

At 4:49 PM , Blogger Jon said...

This is completely random, but I was a student of yours some four or five years ago in an English Comp II class at Worcester State. My name is Jon Kelly, and I had a brother Chris in the same class - we and the rest of the students in EN 102 were very smart, and your class in turn was one of the best I ever had in my college experiece.

I just heard about your book today from my friend Courtney (who I think wrote an article about you fairly recently that was in the school paper) and she told me your blog adress. I'm very excited for you and couldn't I be happier to hear that you're getting published.

I wanted to let you know I won second prize in a short story contest at ye' olde Worcester State(I got $150 out of the deal - which isn't bad for an unedited, unrevised story that I wrote three days before). I think if I had tried a little harder, I could have doubled my booty and gotten first.

Anyway, it's great to hear you're doing well.


At 9:24 PM , Blogger Becky said...

Jon--I remember you well!!!!!
That was such a great class and I've thought of you often and your brother too. Are you still at WSC? I have not seen Courtney's article--is it out yet?



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