Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm Off

I'm posting late at night following the second booksigning event of my life. It was even better than the first one, if that is possible. I feel perhaps like any first-time author after an event, loved and cherished, undeserving yet hopeful. That's me. I don't think John Grisham could feel any better than I do tonight. Yo, John! Did you ever forget your bookmarks at home? I did.

I stood with my daughter and her friend and they both said they didn't want to get a book tonight (good thing because we sold out again!)--they wanted to walk into a bookstore cold and buy my book.

I love that.

Pick a snotty bookstore, I said, and they agreed. Pick one that couldn't possibly have my book in it. Walk in and buy it if they have it. It will probably be back behind the exterminator how-tos. Ask for it if you don't see it. COUPON GIRL? Oh, I don't know. I think we're getting it next week. OH YEAH? WELL, REDUCE YOUR ORDER FOR DAVINCI CODE BY ONE AND ORDER COUPON GIRL FOR ME!!!!! Power to the people.

Everyone laughed at my jokes, asked me to sign their books, made me feel gargantuan [no diet jokes though there could be].

Think about it--plain joy. That's what I am feeling. It doesn't last, we all know that. I read a review online today about my book that complained it didn't have a happy ending. But--okay I'm bragging--big time bragging and I apologize--it said it might have been the funniest book this person ever read.

Well, maybe that person doesn't get out much. Hey, I can relate. I don't get out either. But I am a happy camper tonight. Off to Arkansas in the early a.m.

Watch me on KATV 8-9am. Pick me over Power Rangers.

A bientot


At 10:14 PM , Blogger sandman1 said...

Becky -- I hope you don't think I'm creepy. I just finished your book tonight (Sunday), and quite enjoyed it. I bought it last weekend at Barnes & Noble in Nashua (there were three on the shelf, BTW), happy to have found it there and not had to wait for Amazon. I don't actually read much anymore, so it's not like me to go buy a book, but I got yours for a different reason: I saw the copy of the cover posted outside your daughter's office, and I kind of have a thing for her. Probably not how you'd hoped to get book sales, but hey, maybe whatever it takes?

After I was part-way through the book I noticed your web site printed inside the back cover, which led to the diversion of reading your blog, which I've found just as interesting as Jeanie's life. Makes me rethink my own relationship with Hannaford... (but why did you give them publicity in the book?) I admit to at first just searching the blog to see if you ever mentioned your daughter, but then I wound up reading the whole thing. Here are some ideas for a new Victory title (a little tough without knowing more about the book): Cheer Up on Aisle Five (it is cheering? Fess Up on Aisle Five instead?), Everyday Special, Tabloids and Breathmints, Demoulas (ha ha)

Anyway, I'm not sure quite why I felt compelled to register here and say any of this in public, but I guess I wanted to give back a little since I've had an enjoyable week with your characters and reading about your own triumphs with the book. I thought about just showing up at a booksigning but I'm not sure I have the nerve, and anyway it's better not to risk intruding on a good time with something unrelated and likely unwelcome... trying not to be in Category D!

Okay, enough of that -- thanks again for good read! Enjoy your road trip -- you certainly picked the right time to be out of town; we're drowning up here.

P.S. I think Eddie Izzard is a genius -- my favorite stand-up ever is Dress To Kill. Maybe I should just ask your daughter, "Dja'like, bread?" and then run away...


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