Sunday, May 14, 2006

On The Road

I am traveling this week, reporting to you today from beautiful sunny Arkansas, where I did a TV spot and a booksigning yesterday. They were fun. I really thought the TV dudes would interview me beforehand about what they were going to say, but no, you just go on cold more or less.

Right before they go to commercial, they show a "tease" of your upcoming segment. AS I looked at the teleprompter, it said

I said thank you very much, but it's Becky Motew and it's coupon girl. What a diva, huh? Then everything was fine. I followed a dog, which was good for me since the dog was so cute and they were trying to find it a home.

Weather here? Thanks for asking. They're about five weeks ahead of us Bay Staters. It's pretty much early summer 80 degrees every day, most welcome to my northern hide. I saw some old friends from high school at the book signing and had the opportunity to ask one of the guys why he didn't ask me to the prom. He had some lame excuse. But he made up for it by buying a book, god bless him.

Today is Mother's Day and I'm not sure when I'll be able to post again. I'm headed off to the Romantic Times convention in Daytona on WEdnesday so if I can get internet access, I'll post from there. It's supposed to be a wild event. Everywhere you turn, a male cover model. I'll try to report on the gay/straight ratio.

A bientot


At 3:21 PM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Hi! Thanks for the update. Sounds exciting stuff! Looking forward to your characteristically cryptic, funny and unique report on the event!


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