Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cape Redux

Okay, so I will try that again.

I am here on beautiful Cape Cod, vacationing with friends and living in the lap.

We do nothing but seek pleasure, sometimes small ones and frequently concerning food and drink. We eat out, fix cocktails, watch movies, read books, and one friend is attempting a giant jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table, I can see.

I like and admire her for doing this, but I haven't yet joined herin this yet. I'm sure I will. The picture of the puzzle is a lovely impressionist painting of a maid doing her work next to an indolent mistress trying to paint a still life. Oh god, if I ever experience time travel, please let me out of the machine as an indolent mistress and not the servant. Also in this picture is a very odd and luminous green lamp which I find off-putting.

The recent collapse of the Red Sox is most disheartening. Note: make other plans for October.

Because I drove all the way back to Framingham yesterday for my dental surgery, I got to be Girl of the Day yesterday and make all decisions and picks for our pleasure-seeking. Ice cream? Now or later? Which movie? Things like that.

ME! ME!! ME!!!

A bientot


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