Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spring: Why it Doesn't Suck and Why it Does

This is the best week of the year, dear reader. You know it's true. Everything is in thick bloom and surrounded by that bright kelly green that is so cheerful and hopeful.
Like everything good in life, it's fleeting, so I say we all sit outside and let our sinuses fill up with allergies.

Azaleas bloom, though not nearly in the same profusion here as in Arkansas. I haven't seen the azaleas in Little Rock for many years, but it is my hope to do so one of these springs. It is truly a remarkable sight. Is anyone yawning?

Well, okay, it's not ALL good.

You want to know what is decidedly NOT good about the final official irrevocable arrival of spring in New England???

Oh yes, dear reader, you are right. BUGS!!!! Billions and billions (my Carl Sagan impression is pretty good, maybe I should put it up at my web site) of tiny insects, all ready and primed to bite you, sting you, suck your blood, and ruin your outdoor drinks party. One thing it will really ruin is a late-night romp in the kiddies' wading pool.

For me personally, the advent of warm weather also means another of the many homeowning traumas and humiliations that come around with such cruel regularity.

The person in this picture is wearing safety boots. Do you think I do that? HAH!!! Well, at least I don't wear sandals. Not the pink ones anyway.

Can you see how high the grass is? And this was LAST week. This is my back yard, of course, septic tank lid partially obscured.

I do have an excuse. The man who is working on my house jammed the shed doors shut and I can't open them so I can't get the lawnmower out. Okay? I CAN'T.

I don't think I'll be doing it this week either because I am going to NYC for a conference, so the grass will be even worse a week from now. I'll keep you posted.
This is what you call WHINING, dear reader. But you already know how excellent I am at it.
I am reading THE YEAR OF ENDLESS SORROWS by Adam Rapp which is quite good and very funny. I do love to howl out the window.
Happy Memorial Day to you and yours.
A bientot


At 6:08 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Hey! I love the new look! Thanks for your description of Spring in New England - it's so real! I appreciate that ... the real America, unsanitised, un-facelifted; straight shooting from the very funny Becks!
(And I like the azaleas and the description of the kelly-greens too.) I hope someone muscular turns up soon to mow the back lawn. Either that or a sheep.

At 8:42 AM , Blogger beckymotew said...

Funny how we have opposite seasons all the time, eh, CB?

Yes, I could use a sheep.



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