Monday, May 21, 2007

Personality Switch

To go along with my own new look, this is Violet. You may recall her as the Good Sister of my daughter's two cats.

Well, forget that.

She is now the bold one, the rebel. The one who jumps onto the table and tries to eat your Mother's Day gifts.

Shocking, really.

Now this is Dahlia, formerly the scamp, the rascal, the Exasperating One.

Not any more. She is now rather reclusive, shy, and aloof. Not to say that you can't bring her out of her shell, but she's entirely different than she was a few weeks ago.

See, remember? She was headed for a life of crime. (I still think she wears eye makeup--some vices you can't get rid of no matter what)

The one thing that happened to these two is this: they got spayed.

Funny, huh? It was liberating for one and a damper for the other.

Oh well. Life takes some strange and interesting turns sometimes, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, I am working hard on my outline. It's fun populating a world. I'm dreaming up this fun fat guy, a fat guy who might lose weight and become babe-ish. Don't know yet. I'm making him tall, though, nothing like a tall guy.

Also in the meanwhile department, today is my first day of Living the Dream. No work, no class, no papers, no obligations. Where are you going, Becky Motew? Disney World? Hell, no. I'm going to the high school track to walk around and write my book.

Let's enjoy the summer, dear reader. May we all find joy and harmony and may they not arrive with too many complications. Or at least not insurmountable ones. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
A bientot


At 8:48 PM , Blogger sandman1 said...

I like the new colors.

Those two look a lot more like cats now than in the earlier pictures where they still look like kittens. Dahlia was all whiskers and ears before. Bothersome that surgery changed them -- they probably aren't fans of Bob Barker! But you've got to do it I suppose, unless you want to turn into one of those crazy people with 42 cats in your house.

At 11:52 PM , Blogger Mark said...

That's a great photo of Dahlia with the eye make-up. What exactly is a tall guy like?

Enjoy living the dream - I'm very jealous!

At 2:55 AM , Blogger beckymotew said...

SM, yes, we are staying away from Bob Barker these days. The cats still romp around the room, and still get into everything, but the personality change has been rather remarkable.

Mark, a tall guy is like.....well, you got me there. I guess he can be like everybody else, just, well...tall. I'm somewhat tall myself so I always appreciate that. I will try to appreciate the Dream on your behalf.


At 6:15 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks for the update - the cats are hilarious.
Glad you have some space in which to write. Your slightly overweight main character sounds fascinating - I like him already.


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