Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Irresponsible Fog

Today was the first day that I didn't have to teach anybody. I planned to stay home and grade, grade, grade. And indeed I did do that in the morning. But then I succumbed to pleasure, dear reader, and had lunch with some old coupon friends. It was hilarious. I love hilarity in general. Is there a better feeling? Anywhere? Well, okay, not that.

I feel like this right now (except who is that guy? Is he a good dancer or just faking it?). Stephen King writes an essay (read in my class) that talks about a child's ability to bench press disbelief. Disbelief, as King maintains, is hard to get rid of, difficult to dislodge. Kids do it easily. There aren't many days in an adult's life that s/he can float around in an irresponsible fog. And yet that's what I did today.
Cover ImageI signed a book for someone and that felt good. That reminds me, my mass market release is this month. Yaaaay!! Mass market!!! I don't have anything planned really and I should. Well, I will be toured on the Girlfriends' circuit and that will be beneficial, I hope.
So what is my real life? Writing? Teaching? Having lunch? Oh, don't make me pick.

A bientot




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