Saturday, June 30, 2007

Becky's Excellent Vacation

First let me say some of the things I did NOT do.

I did not scare these children out of their wits. I merely amused and appalled them. Note my elevation. For me, it was a little like the Winslet/DiCaprio signature scene in TITANIC. Does it remind anyone else of that? No? Yeah, that's what the kids said too. "Kinda weird," one of them commented.

I'm very sorry to say I did not actually have a DQ ice cream. We had just come from dinner somewhere else and I was stuffed. [note: Emily Post says it's not polite to say you are stuffed. Okay, I was full up to my eyeballs.] But we had to make the symbolic DQ stop. These boys will remember me but hopefully not identify me in any kind of lineup.

As stated earlier, I did not get arrested. I was, however, well and truly (if subtly) censored at the College Light Opera Company in Falmouth. We saw a most hilarious production of Gilbert and Sullivan's PATIENCE. I'm telling you it was side splitting. But every few minutes some rich matron would turn around and give us the fish eye.

Yeesh. Lighten up, folks. If you can't laugh at G&S, what's there to laugh at? And please. I'm as sensitive as the next person to obnoxiousness. I swear we weren't. But I felt as though we were sitting in an audience of hall monitors. A pox upon them. The performers were fantastic.

I/we did not have the friendliest or most helpful of wait staffs. The restaurant where this pizza was served was very good. Pepperoncini is listed on the menu, but if you ask for it on your pizza, the waitress will give you a perplexed look. However, artichoke hearts WERE available and they are NOT on the menu. Who's on first, dear reader? I couldn't figure it out either.

Good grub, though.

I did NOT make friends with geese. Talk about obnoxious. They are everywhere in some places and terrible scavengers. This one wanted my coffee and was miffed that he couldn't have it. I think he'd had word from the College Light Opera audience and felt entitled. We were sitting right next to the harbor area with all kinds of yachts. It's incredible to see all the money floating around.

Wow, I'm getting closer to the Titanic shot, wouldn't you say? This is Gunning Point Beach, one of the few that looks westward and so one of the few where you can watch the sunset nightly. It's so gorgeous it gets almost ordinary.

"Do you feel like walking down and seeing an incredible purple and orange, heartbreakingly brilliant sunset?"

"I'm right in the middle of Sex and the City. It's the one with the fireman and the pole."

"Okay, forget it."

Well? What would Bette have said? Keep three feet on the floor, girls. Those Light Opera broads are on the way

I have no idea what that means.

Our official drink was champagne mixed with blue Curacao. Did I spell that right? Somebody saw this on a recipe, but couldn't remember exactly what it was called. They were right tasty, dear reader.

We watched The Prestige, which I thought was okay. I'm not into movies where the men wear top hats or are magicians.

The visit to Betsy's Diner is required. It's a breakfast outing and sets the tone for the rest of the day, mostly of disgusting, shameful , and sometimes gross, well, most of the time gross, overindulgence.

Butter! More butter! Cream! Keep it coming!

I'm home now and getting back to work. Cleaning the house, working on my syllabus for summer school, organizing paperwork and bills.
I'm lying around wondering when I can go to the Cape again and how long I could last if I sold my house and all possessions.
Now THAT would be Living the Dream.
A bientot


At 11:34 PM , Blogger Mark said...

That small kid at the DQ does look a little scared. Either that or he's trying to stuff the whole ice-cream into his mouth in one go.

Thanks for probably the best tour of the Cape I'll ever have, and keep trying for that Titanic shot!

At 9:04 AM , Blogger beckymotew said...

Thanks Mark, and I WILL keep trying. I'll make it my summer quest.


At 7:04 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

The Titanic shots rock. Let me at it all - esp the blue drinks.


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