Saturday, June 09, 2007

One Happy Luddite

I don't think this woman is Amish or Luddite, but she isn't wearing a helmet and so I identify with her. Not that I ride a bike lately--I'm more of a track walker.

1) no TV. Well, let me amend that by saying no cable TV, which in the end means that I hardly ever turn it on unless it's a big sporting event. My TV is a whopping 23 inches. Over time, this means that I don't know what you are talking about if you mention some funny commercial or other. This frequently happens in class. It also means that I don't know who Jessica Simpson is or Lindsay Lohan or lots of other people. WHO ARE THEY?
2) no DVD player. A guest was here recently and we watched a movie on the VCR, which I couldn't quite figure out how to work, but finally did. So I don't see movies either. I pretty much read books and do anacrostic puzzles.

3) no cell phone. I admit I am being swayed over to the Dark Side. But I just keep thinking of all those years when no one had them. SOMEHOW WE GOT BY.

4) no bottled water. GASP. I drink FROM THE TAP. I look at it this way. That bottled water comes from somwhere, right? Some spring or natural aquifer (I've waited all my life to say aquifer in public)? I have that in my back yard in my own well, don't I? That's the way I see it anyway.

Lest you fear for my survival, dear reader, soon I will post ways that I am NOT a Luddite.

Meanwhile, little Maeve is starting to crawl. In fact, she has a very comical pose she goes into as she tries to get underway. It's a little like someone poised to do a pushup, but at the last minute she lifts her leg up behind her, rather like someone raising their pinkie before drinking tea. Very polite and even balletic in its way.

Living the Dream, though I have to do some housework this week. Lawn problems remain.
A bientot
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At 6:54 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

You are a woman after my own heart ... except to my shame I've got a cellphone and a dvd. But I too drink water from a tap (I think bottled water is the biggest have of this and of last century!) We don't have Sky (which is maybe like cable ... not sure) whatever; we only have access to six channels - and select what we watch. Haven't got an ipod or a laptop either ... but want a laptop ...

At 7:32 AM , Blogger beckymotew said...

I've actually had a laptop and left it sit in exactly the same place all the time, thereby removing its one advantage. Of course that was before wireless. Solidarity, CB



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