Thursday, December 06, 2007

In The Box

Mary Cassatt - In the Box - Art Prints and Posters

That is the name of this painting by Mary Cassatt and it obviously means the opera box. What a gorgeous and unique view we get, not just of the opera house, but also of the two young women who might just be looking for someone in the audience and not on the stage. How I long to be with them. I do love romantic intrigue and could have joined the spyfest with pleasure.

Everyone today talks about thinking "out of the box," a phrase that has become totally trite.

That has almost replaced "in the zone," a term that started in sports but leached out into every other area of life. I am having trouble getting in the zone for the 150 papers I have to grade over the next few days. Here's what I'd rather be doing:
Image:Cassatt Mary The Cup of Tea 1880.jpg

Dressed up in flounces and frills, enjoying a delightful cup of tea (again by Cassatt). It's not easy to eat or drink in white gloves, but I could do it. Or I could stay home and invite a girlfriend to join me (one more by Mary C).
Tea. (1880). Mary Cassatt, oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
It must be said, dear reader, that the woman on the left doesn't look so thrilled as I would be. She looks as though she is wondering what might be in the liquor cabinet that she could add to her own beverage if her guest continues to sit there and yakkity yak. Maybe she is longing for some dashing gentleman to knock on the door and take her out for more than tea.
Meanwhile, I am remaining calm in the face of this paper storm. I will probably have lots of bloopers. Morituribus salutamus, which means:
a) we who are about to die salute you
b) we who are about to die are at least glad we're not doing it at Hannaford's.
c) we who are about to salute wish we were dead.
d) pour me some of that, will you?
.Munch's Scream
A bientot


At 9:47 PM , Blogger sandman1 said...

Before I read any of your text, I thought the girls were looking out window blinds in that first painting, which fits your speculation perfectly. Perhaps that's intentional, maybe made more noticeable at the smaller size.

The reading pace you must have to maintain in order to grade 150 papers is staggering to me.

At 8:05 AM , Blogger becky motew said...

Some of the items are very short, so that accounts for part of it. Thank god.


At 8:08 AM , Blogger becky motew said...

And in truth I really have a week and a bit more to do it in.

But I had to keep the level of whining at a certain level, of course.



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