Thursday, December 27, 2007

Remembrance of Chocolate Mousse

Becky's To Die For chocolate mousse pie (recipe in last December's archives) is not inexpensive, particularly when you use her double boiler system on view here. Translation: I own no double boiler and don't intend to purchase one at this late date. Therefore, I use one big pot with water in it and one smaller saucepan balanced precariously on top. One false move and the whole chocolate concoction (one pound of semi-sweet Ghirardelli just for starters) falls into the drink. It ain't cheap and it's happened to me a few times, although not this Christmas.
I had other problems.
In the middle of Christmas Eve dinner, family and friends close by, enjoying themselves, flushing the toilet at will---BANG, the water goes out.
That's right. No water. No flushing, no washing of the hands, no rinsing of the plates.
Don't ask.
To show solidarity with its fellow machine, (and of course its other sibling the vacuum cleaner), my computer acquired a horrible virus just in time for the holiday. It has been reconfigured and lobotomized by my brilliant daughter. Naturally, it has forgotten my address list and a few other things, but no big woop. I'm just happy to be online.
There were other problems too, but most have been solved. As Fantine says in Les Miz, some storms we cannot weather.
I will be traveling for a few days, dear reader, so not sure when I can post.
Hope everyone is happy.
It's all good. Even the bad parts.
Mary Poppins


At 11:28 AM , Blogger Austin Carr said...

Good thing for you the Massachusetts Health Department doesn't inspect private homes.


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