Sunday, December 09, 2007


Picasso must have time-traveled ahead to my bathroom mirror and seen me there this morning. By tomorrow one of the eyes could be completely closed from too much reading. The bloops keep me alive.

"There were a number of shark sittings while we were there."
[ed. note: it's not easy for a shark to book a sitting. Artists get busy, they have other subjects, and they don't like working underwater in general, though some will who are desperate for fame.]

"Our Thanksgiving table had delicious dishes such as sweet potatoes and root beggars."

"It's tragic that [Terri Schiavo] died after a fourteen-year battle with a feeding tube."

"Norman Rockwell shows a young boy caught going through his parents' drawers."

"The government enacted a number of statues dealing with the controversy."

"It boils down to this. Our four fathers said we could carry guns."

On that note, dear reader, I return to my task.

Holiday Bitchiness coming soon!!!!

A bientot


At 9:56 PM , Blogger Mark said...

That last one is just too good - an absolute cracker. Do they ever have a laugh at their own expense when they get the corrections back?

It'll soon be over b, chin up!

At 6:42 AM , Blogger becky motew said...

Thanks, Mark.

Yes, they laugh at themselves, though I have usually forgotten about it by the time I give papers back. I certainly forget who made the blooper by then.


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