Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just Curious

I know Gordon Brown has not been Prime Minister of England for that long, well, certainly not years and years.

But is he already getting that grouchy look?

Furthermore, doesn't he look an AWFUL lot like...well..
Dudley Moore?

Yes, yes, I know Dudley is dead (am I sounding like Charles Dickens?), but I'm just asking.

Recent bloopers:

"Eating in fast food restraints is not good for you." [I wonder what those look like. I wonder if they're anything like normal psychiatric restraints]

"I worked in a flee market for two years." [But did you ever get away?]

I just read SIGNED, MATA HARI by Yannick Murphy. It was quite good, sensual like syrup. Before that I read THE TRIGGER EPISODE by Tom Straw, a Hollywood story that wasn't bad.

In addition, dear reader, I saw that movie, Old Country for Old Men or A Country for Old Men or Get Out of the Country All You Old Men or whatever the fk it was called. I know some of my buddies here (Sandman!!) really liked the flick, but I fell asleep.

A guy with an oxygen tank goes around killing people. That's about all I could see. Was it in black and white? With no music? It's been widely praised and may win Best Picture? Put me in with Don Shula, I guess. TIME HAS PASSED HER BY.

A bientot. Stay warm, dear reader.
Be here now.


At 12:54 AM , Blogger sandman1 said...

Oh no, sorry you didn't like it! I'm still a fan. I've since seen There Will Be Blood -- it was good though I didn't like it as much. It too has interesting characters, but is very loooong, so if you're prone to dozing you might skip it...

LOL on 'fast food restraints' -- picturing handcuffs fashioned from onion rings and curly fries...

At 7:12 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Yum!!!! Handcuffs the good way!!!
I think I should have watched that movie when I wasn't sleepy to start with. That does me in every time.


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