Sunday, March 02, 2008


Styles change of course and that's a good thing (two words: shoulder pads). But come on, people, what are we doing? When did we go from thinking Marilyn Monroe was the paragon of female desirability........
to this?
Not to sound too much like my homegirl Martha S, but is this a good thing?
Poor Ginger Rogers would be laughed right out of the modeling agency today.
To say nothing of Joan Blondell. Or as she is known by my students, Joan who?
Even sexy Joan Collins would have to drop an immediate 10 to please current casting directors, I'm afraid.
Poor Liz Taylor, who I'm sure was unable to breathe while she wore this dress, would have been put on immediate starvation fare.
All so they could look like this.
My question is this. Where is it all going? And where did I hide the Doritos?
Not too many bloopers this weekend, except for: "I attended privet school my entire life." [I'm going to try and hire this kid to prune my hedges and I bet he'll be good at it]
A bientot


At 3:15 AM , Blogger Book and Hook said...

You're absolutely right, the standards of beauty have become totally out of wack. When did skinny start to mean beautiful? I saw a photo of Pierce Brosnan and his wife at the beach, and everyone seemed to be saying how fat she was, you know what? She looked healthy and beautiful. Like a woman should, with curves and muscles. You know, like a living human instead of skin stretched and tweaked over bones.
Sorry guess I just have to vent.
Guess you got me to de-lurk. Hehe
Love reading your blog.

At 7:04 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Well hey, b and h, so happy to see ya!!!

This weight stuff is totally out of hand. Sometimes you look at a picture of a model in a magazine and the camera angle lets you know how unbelievably skinny the girl's leg is or know? It's stupid.

At 2:25 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

To my eye Marilyn et al are far more beautiful. The others look like starving scarecrows in comparison.

At 6:55 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

I totally agree, CB.



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