Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Good Manners

We should have good manners wherever we go.

We should have them in the grocery store. If someone else reached for the Green Giant beans before I did, I should back away and say godspeed. Even if someone reached in front of me, I should back away and show politeness. It may help them some other time. Maybe that person is old and doesn't hear.

We should have good manners in class. If one person is speaking, I should be quiet. If someone ASKS me to be quiet, I should be quiet and then later apologize.

We should have good manners in traffic. Let someone in. It could be me next time.

If someone invites us to an event, we should respond, especially if we are asked to with an RSVP. We should bring a cheese ball. We should bring wine. We should teach our children to bring a gift.

We should especially teach our children to be polite.

We should let someone else talk.

We should say "I'm sorry."

We should give the other person the benefit of the doubt.

We should always be nice, especially to those of lower rank. Thank you for bagging my groceries. Thank you for doing this hateful task, whatever it is. I am not too good to talk to you. I know that you have a life and concerns of your own that are no different than mine. Thank you for being the secretary here and doing all those hateful jobs. Thank you for holding the door. Let me hold the door for you.
A bientot


At 9:10 PM , Blogger Kristina said...

Amen to this!

I have a good friend who is raising the most polite kids I've ever met. I'm in awe of her for teaching (all four!!) kids such great manners.

At 12:50 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Hear, hear Becky. Good manners may be an old-fashioned trait, I fear - however, the above comment gives me hope. What does it take? And a little consideration of others makes for a much more pleasant world. My pet peeve? School kids who don't get up to give elderly people their seat and young ones who push ahead of older through doors etc.

At 9:23 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Thanks, both of you. Solidarity. Let's be strong together!!!


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