Monday, June 16, 2008


No party on the coast for C's
But we didn't want to win in LA anyway. The only bad part about the 04 and 07 Red Sox World Series wins was that they were on the road. I mean it's just more satisfying to stand on the table and scream and yell when you're at home.
Not to mention less embarrassing. Nobody wants to see Jack Nicholson doing things like that. Wonder if he does a Wicked Witch of the West imitation as fierce as mine. I'll bet he has something.
So we'll take care of business tomorrow night, okay?
The trophy will be awarded. The rings will be ordered.
Here is Pat Riley with his six. Good grief. I guess you wouldn't have to invest in brass knuckles if you had that many. Pat is looking a little grizzled , but still good. I think he personally got that slicked back hairstyle going for men.
Referee Dick Bavetta (left) talked with Celtics head coach Doc Rivers (center) while Jack Nicholson chimed in from the sidelines.
Jack is still using it, in fact. Here he is assisting Doc Rivers and ordering a double from the bar.
Thanks to the Boston Globe.
A precious day in June, dear reader.
Even though it's kind of a crappy one outside.
A bientot


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