Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pet Report

Hansel and Gretel visit Camp Becky once or twice a year. They are brother and sister, husband and wife [Hansel was eventually cleared in that polygamist thing], and well known cat philanthropists. Both volunteer at a local cat soup kitchen and will be on duty next week to do their usual Thanksgiving handout of free Meow Mix [Friskies if you're there before 9am] to those less fortunate felines who show up. Some of these poor kitties have had hard lives. Some are close to the "nine" limit. They come from all walks--alcoholic, catnip-addicted, living in dumpsters. Hansel and Gretel are pampered, cosseted pets and they know it. But they're cats who want to give back.

Hansel volunteers on his own time at a sleep clinic. He does this for no compensation and you have to give him credit. At one time Hansel was a frontrunner for the Cat Olympic Sleep Team but he fell out with the coach, who was one of those bitchy Himalayans. Aaargh. Can you say hairball? H and G practice syncopated sleeping (see photo above) when they have time. And they are both heroes to us.

Okay, so these two are my daughter's cats, Dahlia and Violet, shown here sleeping in and around a backpack, their fave slumbering spot. Also very cute. They are sisters and sort of a Good Cop/Bad Cop duo.

Dahlia is the renegade, the risk-taker and pusher of the envelope. Though underage, her intentions are clear. She doesn't fool me. I know she wears my daughter's eye makeup and has tried more than once to steal my keys and take off with my car. No one wants to see her turn out to be some slutty airhead, but what can I do? The mascara should be kept under lock and key for starters. But I keep my mouth shut.

Violet is the "good" one, although she occasionally eats a few flowers. Hey. I can relate. I know what it's like to give up something I love, like carbs. When the craving comes over you for a begonia, a real one, pink and bursting with chlorophyll, there's not much you can do.

We do worry about bulimia sometimes.

This is Zoe the Wonder Dog, owner of my brother and his wife, whom I will be visiting next week. I have kept on good terms with Miss Z and trust she will allow me unfettered passage through the house. There's no guarantee, though, and I confess to a bit of nervousness. Zoe has
high standards and doesn't always grant papal dispensations when they are requested. If you're careful to speak to her respectfully and always say "Yes Your Grace" and "no, Your Grace," you might be okay. I'll keep everybody posted.
A bientot
love, Becky


At 8:34 PM , Blogger Kay said...

An entertaining account indeed! The tabbies look like our cats, Grommy (Grommet) and Aggie who are bro and sis too, but fight like, yes, well, cat and dog actually - Grommy being the dog (looks very like Hansel) Aggie Pantha looks more like your daughter's little airhead who steals the mascara and car keys! :)

At 9:32 PM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Good luck with them, Kay!!! They have their own ideas, of oourse.



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