Thursday, November 13, 2008

Les Bloopeurs

Pablo Picasso, Bloch 1063
Recent papers were on various subjects, including art and artists.

"He was a graphic artist for the rest of his life and beyond."

"Monet painted the woman standing on a hillside with her dress filled with wind."
[All those crepes suzettes, I fear]

"At the age of five, his family moved."
[This is tragic in several ways, although think of the fun they must have had while it lasted, playing Candyland the whole livelong day, staying up past their bedtime, and never brushing their teeth]

"This painting does not provide any bright colors, which allows the viewer to study the painting with ease."
[Bright colors, well, what can be said? They are studied only with great difficulty, at night, on a mattress of nails, and with a headache. Even then, only the wisest among us will understand their brightness.]

"The Greyhound bus line fairs were cheap." [hop on the Scrambler where your fingers will do the riding]

"Laboring on a farm demands psychical work." [It's the cows. I've always known it. They predict stuff.]

"Health care is another griping issue."

"Marijuana causes hunger, happiness, and sense of well being. What is the matter with that?"
[What indeed?]

And finally from a young man who missed a submission deadline and had to turn in his work past the due date:
"I apologize for my latency."

Moving forward on Rosetta Stone, dear reader, and probably making all kinds of bloopers myself. Zeut alors!


At 5:43 AM , Blogger Kay said...

What a hoot! I love them all.


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