Monday, January 12, 2009

A Winter Walk

Pick the outerwear of your choice, dear reader. Oh, you're so right. Everything is black, I'm afraid. That's because I can't buy anything else. I'm unable. Excuse me while I take the Michelin Man parka for myself. Also black. We are going to be so chic.

Now out the door. Put your hat on. The Globe said it was 22 today, but it feels warmer, doesn't it? I'm something of a twisted optimist at times. Watch your step. I don't shovel the driveway too well and my plow guy is a little sketchy. Cute, though.

There's my mailbox. I wonder if the post office is going to bitch at me about shoveling that out too. It's always something, isn't it?

Now we're at the end of my street. Look up there. See those two benches? You can sit on them and pretend you're at some kind of Shinto temple. I have sat there before with a friend, on warmer days of course. You feel like you're looking at somebody's grave. That marker tells how the church that used to stand here is now in Old Sominex Village.
Come on, don't be like that.

HEY! Quit thinking those thoughts. New England has its own beauty, okay? Just because we don't have palm trees and sandy beaches and warm temps doesn't mean we don't have merit and worth and value. And a good personality.

Now we're turning onto a more main road. They don't always plow so you can walk easily. I should have told you to wear boots. Sorry about that.
Maybe we'll have a nice snack when we're finished.

NO!!! Get your mind out of the gutter!!

I wonder who those people are up there. It could be my two friends, a husband and wife who live nearby. But that looks like two men to me. Oops, nope, it was a man and a woman and we'll just hang back a little farther. Don't want to tell her we doubted her womanhood.

CUT IT OUT!! I'm serious!!!

Here's one of my favorite horses. Some of them wear jackets and some of them don't. All the horses like me and walk over to check me out as I go by.
I would bring a carrot or an apple, but just my luck one of them would bite the shit out of my hand and there I'd be in the ER trying to explain myself again. No thanks.

Come on, come on, we're almost up Heartbreak Hill. You can do it.
There are two vicious snarling dogs that come running out here, but they stop at the perimeter of their property, so don't worry. One of them wears the most pansy-ass pink plaid coverup you ever saw. "YOU SISSY!" I like to yell at him. I suppose he could kill me.

Don't say anything as we go by this place. It's owned by a notorious local family and I don't want to say their name. Everything they own is falling down, including this old windmill. I like them because they make my place look good.

Okay, this is the halfway point. We made it. We still look chic.

Puff puff. I thought you were in better shape than this.

I am determined to lose this glove. I tried to lose it in Paris on the metro. I drop it whenever I go out. Its days are numbered.

Hey wait. Where are you going?



At 9:53 PM , Blogger Kay said...

I LOVED the walk Becky - your company made it even more exhilarating! Puff, puff. (Hey! You dropped your glove; here you are!) ;)

At 1:20 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Well thanks, Kay--stay tuned for when I finally do lose it...



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