Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Misery and Despair

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and his assistants could only sit and watch as their Blue Devils were blown out after intermission.

I like Coach K, but I am not crazy about Duke (especially not after reading I AM CHARLOTTE SIMMONS). Think of the effort these guys put into what they do. Look at the jewelry they're wearing. Think about the jewelry their wives are wearing. I guess our sentiments run along these lines: TOUGH TOENAILS, DUDE.

Billy Gillispie

All coaches of all teams feel they are unfairly put upon by refs. It's humorous.



I believe this is the former Kentucky coach.

"Here are my own children, going without dinner! My own children forfeiting their chance for a good education BECAUSE OF YOU! My house payment, my pastor's house payment, my Bible study group, all going down the drain because YOU CAN'T CALL THE GAME THE WAY I SAY YOU SHOULD! GOD!"

Memphis players thinking about their English paper coming up next week and the loss they endured in March Madness, which will end this weekend.

64 teams participate.

63 teams go home unhappy, robbed, heartbroken, disappointed, and traumatized.

Me, I'm going for dental surgery this morning. I would trade.

Later, dear reader.

A bientot with love,



At 12:51 AM , Blogger sandman1 said...

Hope your surgery went well and nobody went home traumatized...

I have a hard time relating to the players in that picture so long as they're wearing those pantaloons -- the guy on the left looks like he has on two pencil skirts! And are those dress socks??

At 6:23 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Those long skirtlike duds have been fashionable for quite a while--it could be time for a morph into something else. Dental surgery okay, thanks sm.



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