Saturday, October 03, 2009

Day 13

Today was fairly normal, but I had a social evening. I was forced to eat at a table with other adults. I had no choice. Not only that, but dinner was rather late and I very nearly had to gnaw off my own arm while waiting. I did the best I could, but I believe I had the equivalent of two servings of lasagna. I couldn't help it. It was that or slit my throat.

how to cook lasagna1

Breakfast: Greek yogurt 120
2 mugs coffee with large helping of HH 160

Lunch: WW fish with parmesan something or other, it's got a funny taste 310
small shake of grated Parmesan cheese 50
grapes 60

Dinner: 2 servings heavenly lasagna 800 [cringing]
plain salad with two tbsps. diet dressing 70
BreathSavers 60
TOTAL: 1630 (I went over for the day by 130. I am not going to beat myself up over this.)
EXERCISE: raining like a bastard
HUNGER: 6 (I skipped the brownies and the garlic bread, and I want CREDIT for it)
MAIN BITCH: I get so hungry I feel powerless in a social situation
LITTLE VOICE: You are a no good slacker.
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