Sunday, October 04, 2009

Day 14

Brady, Patriots fly past Ravens YEAH, BABY! Tommy Boy back in old form today, we're happy to see. 12 is my lucky number too.

Wish I could only eat 12 of these:

I still can't believe they are 5 calories each. Sigh.

Breakfast: Greek blueberry yogurt 120. Today I forgot there were blueberries on the bottom and ate all the yogurt on top first. Let's give that a big "whatever."

2 mugs coffee with HH 160

Lunch: WW Santa Fe rice and beans ----getting really sick of this 310

Dollop of Thousand Island dressing 50

Grapes 70

Dinner: WW wood shavings with gruel 210

can green beans 60

one peach 80

aforementioned Breath Savers 60

fudgcicle 60

TOTAL: 1060 (making up for lasagna yesterday)

EXERCISE: two mile easy walk. I wore a long sleeved shirt and was so sweaty and uncomfortable that I stopped at my friend's house to relax. No one was home so I sat there in the breezeway, crossed my legs, looked around, acted like I was at a party, but all by myself. Another strange part of the day.

OPTIMISM: 10 very hopeful

HUNGER: 10 envious of other humans

MAIN BITCH: I don't look good in flats, but losing my desire for high heels (non-diet related)

LITTLE VOICE: No one else dresses up at work any more. Get with it.


Leaner but Much Meaner


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