Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the best time

That's what I had in Cincinnati at Writers Retreat Workshop--the BEST TIME. It was the most wonderful community of writers, some published, some not yet, and a whole bunch of hilarious fun. I truly did not want to leave.

I will miss the Night Owl sessions. I laughed my ass off the entire two days, but I think it was the douchebag jokes that I'll remember most.

A confession: those little chocolate candies that management leaves on the beds when they are clean and ready for a new occupant? I stole most of them from the vacant rooms. I was subtle about it too. No one saw me. And I've left the state.

A fond farewell to Marsha, Deidra, Kathy, John, David, Roman, Lorin, Valerie, Sammi, Robb, Roger, Bob, Rick, Chris, Jennifer, Lee Ann, Olivia, Janice, Shelly, Brian, Pat, Liam, Virginia, Christine, Sue, Sharon, Jason, Elizabeth, Linda, I'm running out of steam now and am leaving some out for which I apologize.

One disheartening fact: in Cincinnati at 9pm last night it was still daylight. Here in Massachusetts it is way dark by then. Sigh.

It was also 57 degrees when I got off the plane and a good thing I had my jacket.

I'm a plumb tuckered out cookie so I'll save up some more thoughts for another post tomorrow.

J'ai envie d'essayer mes skis neufs,


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