Friday, June 09, 2006


I took out about 800 words yesterday and put in around 1300, so ended up on the day 500 to the good. Word count isn't important right now, though (why do writers get so invested in that? I don't know), not as important as fixing the story.

I did what I said I was going to do. I revised from the beginning and shaped things more to the way they are at the end, except I still don't have the end.

I'm a pilot circling above my destination, hesitant about landing. But I'm a strong believer in the power of the subconscious. That's why you remember your keys or your wallet or other important things in the nick of time. It comes to you, not willy nilly, but certified delivery from your subconscious. So you may not even be working on your book, but your subconscious is. That's why I may look like I'm eating bonbons and lying around like a sloth, BUT I'M REALLY WORKING, haha.

I'm trying tea today instead of coffee. It tastes pretty weak. We'll see. I have to write a student recommendation, but otherwise, my time is my own, which I love. This is the very best time of year, except it's FREAKING COLD.

This is really strange for me, but on my recent trip I got super into nail care. I had a manicure and I was entranced by it. On the airplane I was constantly holding out my hands to admire them. I LOVE MYSELF!!! ME!! ME!! Of course ever since that wondrous day, they have done nothing but chip and shed, which is vastly annoying. Other women seem to already know this. "Welcome to nail heartache," my friend said.

I did get to go to SteinMart and it was a thrill, by the way. I was looking for a handbag, which I resent having to buy (I posted about this ages ago--my mother always bought my purses for me and I still feel entitled to that privilege, but I guess no one is going to). I ended up buying a pair of shoes, very cute. That is also out of my normal range of behavior. I think I was in some kind of girly retro phase.

I gained two pounds while I was gone, but am remaining calm. In the past when that would happen, I would become enraged and eat my way through Haagen Dasz revenge. I'LL SHOW THAT SCALE. DOES IT WANT TO SEE A GAIN? WAIT TILL IT GETS A LOAD OF THIS!!!
This logic has gotten me where I am. I'm staying with it. Solidarity. Be true to your school. F--- 'em if they can't take a joke.

La plume de ma tante,


At 8:06 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Love the sound of that very efficient subconscious!
Handbag and shoe shopping ... fingernail polish ... Yep. Pretty much girly stuff - maybe your subconscious is sending you one of its famous deliveries?


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