Sunday, August 27, 2006


Tasks I Most Hate:

anything done on hands and knees, such as scrubbing toilet, bathtub, etc.
windows (don't attempt with new manicure)
polishing silver (you can't get inside the little froufrou decorative gargoyle
thingies, so they stay black anyway)
floors (you always have to get on hands and knees to scrape off tiny piece of gra-doo
with your thumbnail)
dusting (when you have finished a room, you can stand in the doorway and see two
places that you missed. I can keep doing this all day.)
outdoor (this can take days and is never finished really and only leads to
screens (you can't get them clean and they always have little papery things stuck
inside them)

Okay, I'm stopping before I start hyperventilating.

It's all bad.

But I am going to do it this week. This is why I am already sleeping late and indulging in severe avoidance behavior, much of it on the telephone.

I am hosting a Family cookout next weekend and it will be great fun when it happens, so don't listen to me bitching about it now. This will make my Christmas clean-up that much easier, won't it?

Never clean unless you have to, that's my motto.

I've started a number of potential writing projects but am not in love with any of them. They keep sounding so romance-ey and I don't really want to get into anything like that. Ho hum. Plus school is starting and very soon I will be exhausted all the time.

My friend and I often say to each other on the phone, "I don't know anything good."

AND NOW I MUST RETURN TO HATEFUL HOUSEWORK. Just as soon as I read the paper.

A bientot


At 8:07 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

I'm with you on that - except I was cursed with the tidy surface gene - i must have tings looking tidy - even if everything's stuffed untidily into a drawer - if it's tidy on top that's okay.
Liked reading about your cape Cod break - sounded idyllic (apart from the dentist bit.)
Hope you can find something to write about that rings your bell!


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