Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fashion Education

Today I learned about hip hugger pants.

In celebration of further weight loss I had bought a pair and was wearing them as I made final purchases for baby shower held at my house today.

The young girls who wear those hh's I guess already know that as soon as you hoist them up around your hips, they start migrating downwards. How do I know this? Because my pants fell off on my way out of the Paper Store. I don't think anybody saw. I had my hands full of a balloon bouquet and other items and I didn't want the dadblasted balloons to go flying off, so I more or less had to let it happen.

It's a very queasy feeling.

Next fashion purchase: belt.

The baby shower went superbly well. It was, as we say in New England, wicked fun. The secret document I was working on the other day was a surprise skit, performed by me, my son, and my daughter, which went over very well, but then the audience was captive, so who knows?

I am one tired cookie, though. Tomorrow I have to actually do...gasp....class prep. It's been four months since I have done that. I could actually use another four months. I told my agent I would have revisions to her by Oct. 1 so I will be a busy cookie as well in the next few weeks.

My thanks to my wonderful friend Tom who waited on people today, fixed their coffee, poured their soda, and acted as general houseboy while I hobnobbed with guests. I get somehow gripped with indecision when the party is at my house--should we eat first and then open presents or not?

But the party is over and my house is clean. Next cleaning: Christmas.

And now back to anacrostic puzzles.

A bientot



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