Friday, November 03, 2006


I love opening a new box of chocolates and contemplating all the possibilities.

I love the high school track in my town. It's peaceful there and special to me because all my kids played on its field, two in sports, one in the band. Sometimes I think I still see them as I walk around.

I love Christmas night when the whole shebang is over and I can enjoy leftovers and maybe a little something in a glass while my daughter makes a fire in the wood stove and we watch television.

I love my friends, each in a special way.

Same with my kids.

I love Keuka Lake in New York state.

I love the Buffalo River in Arkansas.

I love CATCH-22.

I love Fridays.

I love chocolate ripple ice cream and hot fudge and Dairy Queen.
Also Caesar's salad, salmon, lemon potatoes at the Aegean, and broccoli.

I love Handel's Messiah, especially "Unto Us a Son is Given."

I love writing a bit or a scene or a chapter that flies out of my fingers like it has a right to be here.

I love Broadway show tunes, although not Sound of Music.

I love Liza Minelli in Cabaret. I could watch it every night.

I love the Red Sox. I love hating the Yankees.

I love a giant cup of coffee with cream on a Saturday morning.

I love a few TV characters, but not many. I love Lucy, I guess.

I love John Boy.

I love working hard at a goal and accomplishing it (rare).

I love Lavender Smoke lipstick by Revlon which is no longer made. Boo hoo.

A bientot

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