Saturday, October 28, 2006


At one time I wanted to be a nun, as do most Catholic girls, I suppose. My desire was very great, however, and I think it's the reason I embrace every opportunity to dress up as one. I even make my friends do it. In this photo we are appearing at someone's birthday party and singing a pretty funny song, as I recall. My friend in the middle carried a ruler and whacked people for having impure thoughts, not that they would have gotten any from us.

My friends, you might notice, in a nod to verisimilitude (if you're my student, get a goddamn dictionary and look that up), left the makeup off. Not me, baby. Five pounds of lipstick at all times. Sister Mary Hussy. This was only one nun dress-up. There have been many in my life and I have enjoyed every one. Also, the costume is easy. A dark suit with two half slips on the top, one black and one white. You have to be careful they don't float down while you're walking.

Okay, so I'm building up to the confession (groan) that I don't have a costume for tonight's Halloween party. My mother made me an Indian maiden dress many years ago and I may try to root through my closet and find it. It's very tight under the arms, since it was made for me in the third grade, and I'm not sure I feel like putting up with it. I also have an Arkansas "hog" hat which is great fun, but nothing to go with it except my Razorback nightshirt. I may be just desperate enough to try it. Unwashed nightshirt or pain under the arms.....hmmmm, what would Jesus do? I think Jesus clearly would avoid the Indian maiden dress and opt for the hog hat. What would Buddha do? The Indian dress would never fit him, so it's looking more like the nightshirt/hat combo every minute. These are religious decisions in honor of today's photo. Thanks to my friends Lynn and Chris, who have let me talk them into many a folly.

A bientot

Be here now.



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