Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fuzzy Thinking

Today I am pondering life. It was either that or vacuum. Actually, I'm working once again on V revisions. The first 50 pages or so still need work and I am attempting to get that done. As said before, these are the Groundhog Day never-ending relentless deja vu revisions I've been working on since time began. Maybe I'll start the book over in French. La plume de ma tante est dans le Victoire. You may buy ze pen of ze aunt in ze grocerie. Hey. It could happen.

All of my squishy loser characteristics come to the fore with athletic contests. My kids used to groan when I'd say, "Oh, I feel sorry for the other side." MOM!! CUT IT OUT!! Where does the camera go instantly after a home run? That's right, to the face of the pitcher who just gave it up. Where does the camera go when one side gets a touchdown or a goal? To the dugout or sidelines of the ones who were scored on. I especially hate the shot of the one last player sitting on the bench after losing the Big Game, tears in his eyes. God, that gets me. Of course he later goes home in his Hummer and plays golf for three months, but at that moment his grief is exquisite and I feel it with him.

This is not true when the Red Sox are playing. Two years ago when they came back from 0-3 to beat the Yankees four in a row, I stood up with my children and screamed HAHA!! TAKE THAT YOU LOSERS!! YANKEES SUCK! Gosh, I'm not proud of that now. Although my heart still glows to think of the World Series title (last Yankees WS title? 2000, I think. Last REd Sox title? 2004)

I can't decide who is my team in this World Series. I like baseball. I like the quiet orderliness of it. I like the fans who know every stat. I like the solitary nature of it too--and the fact that you can actually see the face of the player up at bat. It's a thoughtful strategic game. And I approve of both teams now enjoined in the battle. I never root for good-weather teams. They already have the weather and don't need anything else. I like a good Rust Belt city that doesn't have much going for it. That's who I like to cheer for and Detroit is perfect. But I grew up in Arkansas and they root for the Cardinals, so it's tough. Also of course I felt sorry for the Cardinals in 2004 when the Red Sox swept them in four, so I'd like to see them avenge that humiliation.

Once a squishy loser, always a squishy loser.

A bientot

Be here now.

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