Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Phone Number

Well, of course I'm not giving out my phone number.

I'm the girl who doesn't like you to comment on her grocery purchases.


YES I DO. F---- OFF.

I like privacy.

I want to be treated as though a wall of silence surrounds me when I shop. I don't want to be helped, unless of course I ask for help. THEN I want tremendous friendliness and help.

Is this fair?


But I REALLY HATE being asked for my phone number as I pay. Sometimes I give my friend Tom's phone number just for fun. Or I make one up. Go figure that one out, you prying bastards.

I hang up immediately on telemarketers. Even if I just hear that long distance sound. I suppose I have missed out on a personal call or two because of this habit. But I don't care. A real person will call me back.

It's cruel to be kind. Let them move on to their next victim.

Sorry to be so grouchy today. I actually am in a very good mood because I am going to finish my revisions on V --my Groundhog Day, continuous never-ending revisions that will not die--and send them back to my agent. Now she may turn them around back to me again. Then I will change my phone number and never give it out to ANYONE. Just kidding--I am thrilled if my agent calls me.

I have only five more papers to grade to reach the end. Of course more will come in tomorrow, I have no doubt, but I will go to bed a hard-working, conscientious employee of the state. Is there a better way to go to bed? Don't answer that.

I hope to hit a new weight low tomorrow. Yes, I am still on the modified South Beach plan, which mostly includes veggies and chicken or salmon. I'm happy with it and it works. When and if I hit my high school weight, I will have a big party here at Coupons from the Edge. Key lime pie will be served and chocolate ripple ice cream. HAH!!!!!!

Be Here Now.

love to all,


At 6:34 PM , Blogger Mark said...

Best of luck getting those revisions finished, b.

At 6:08 AM , Blogger Becky said...

thanks Mark

At 2:57 PM , Blogger G-honey said...

you know...
When I'm asked for a phone number at a store, I give out the number of my old boss who fired me.

hope all is well Becky~

At 4:23 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

We haven't got to the stage of being asked for phone numbers so much over here - altho shops are keen to get you on to their emailing list.

I am SO with you on that whole supermarket deal - it's like enforced cheerfulness - you feel impelled to brightly reply to the brightly-put query: Have you had a good day? I just grin and bear it (or is that bare it? Bared teeth in a grimace-like smile!)


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