Friday, September 15, 2006


And that ain't lemon zest, boys and girls. That's the real true Friday kind, the kind that swells your heart as you walk out of work at 10 in the morning. That's after teaching two classes, don't forget.

Big Trivial Pursuit party here tonight. I'm sure it will break down into men against women--that's the way we like it. We women wend our way carefully through the maze of possible answers. The guys roll their eyes around--"oh come ON!!" But we very often get the answer that way. My own personal technique for intimidating the other side is to keep saying, "You'll never get it. YOU'LL NEVER GET IT, I TELL YOU." This works sometimes, but not always.

The women aren't good at geography in general. What bridge crosses the skdlfkjgs river in three places? In what country is zinc most prevalent? My zinc knowledge isn't what it should be and I admit it. But that's the kind of question we can usually get, provided the guys will give us an hour.

I'd like to say I'm pretty good at sports questions, but that isn't really true. On the women's team I am pretty good, unless it gets into curling and/or horseshoes. Also, it seems that there are way too many Canadian questions. No offense to my Canadian friends, you know I love you guys, but how am I supposed to know what channel Scooby Doo was on in Toronto in 1957?

And speaking of SD, I know nothing about that or about any television questions. My colleagues kick ass on that, though, especially my daughter-in-law. She is a stone cold expert on all movie stars and I'm proud to be on her team. We do gloat a little bit when we get a "wedge." YES!!! WE ARE AWESOME!! But we try to be sympathetic when the men miss one. BUMMER, DUDES!!!!

Enjoy the weekend,everybody.
Enjoy the moment.
Be here now.



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