Saturday, September 09, 2006

Jeff Jackman

I went to my senior prom with Jeff Jackman. He was a friendly earnest boy and I remember him fondly for his warmth and charm.

He brought me a "joke" corsage on that night. It was resplendent with purple and orange tendrils going this way and that. Little did I know it was all weeds.

Probably I didn't know because I had lost a contact lens in my frantic preparations for the event. My parents were at that moment crawling on their hands and knees upstairs in the bathroom looking for my lens. It all worked out and my eagle-eyed mother found the lens and Jeff and I went to the prom. My real corsage was beautiful.

Jeff has recently died and I have only now heard about it.

I feel saddened and diminished by this news.

I always thought I would see him again.


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