Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl had one celebration last night and will have several others in the continuing observance of her special day. Adoring Fans insist, or well, Adoring Fans insist on coming over on different days.

Beginning next week I have agreed to join what is called the Girlfriend's Cyber Circuit. It's a network of gals (all with good personalities who won't steal my prom date if I get one) who tour around and interview each other. It's got some top-of-the-line authors on there and I'm very humbled to be asked. Maybe they want someone to wash up. Maybe they want me to wash their cars. I will, too.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything I have on my plate right now. Revisions to V, constant class prep and teaching, this new GCC, and of course my Martha Stewart preparations for Christmas.

[clears throat]

It's a short one today, Boys and Girls, because the Birthday Girl overdid it last night. (not really)

J'ai envie d'essayer mes skis neufs


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