Friday, September 29, 2006

Kitten Zest

I'm so excited to see my daughter's new kitties. They are tigers, I think she said. First she thought they were both males but evidently they are both females. I hope she knows what they are going to do to her furniture.

I like cats in general. Dogs are bigger and so dumb. They can have weird owners too.





Then there are the tremendously smelly dogs that come over to you and settle right down on your feet. Whoo! Dear God!! What an odor!!!


Or of course the crotch sniffers, which I suppose can be divided into the ones who sniff from the front and the ones who sniff from behind. Now and then a high-achieving dog will be skilled at both. I hate them too.

The barkers will kill you. RAWLRAWLRAWLRAWL without end as you stand in the doorway. HEY ZIGGY!! CALM DOWN YOU FREAKING BIG LOSER!! OH HE'S SO CUTE.

Growlers are plain scary. They're holding grudges and aren't particular on who's going to receive their revenge. Maybe you're not the one who had a bite of their food two years ago, but you could be the one to get punished for it.

Cats aren't nearly as annoying. Well, I take that back. When they stand in the doorway, undecided over whether to go out or stay in, they're tremendously annoying. GET OUT OR I'LL KICK YOU!!! I used to feel truly envious of our cat as I would leave for work, heading out into the slush and snow as she stretched out ready for a hard day lying in the windowsill. Oh to trade places!!!!!

Wonder what they're saying when they "talk." Sometimes they really seem to mean something. YOU'RE STUPID. YOU'RE SERIOUSLY NO SMARTER THAN I AM.


Enjoy the zest.

Be here now.



At 1:26 AM , Blogger sandman1 said...

Conventional wisdom in my family is to stick with female cats because males are more inclined to, ahem, "mark" things. After she went off to college, my sister ignored this, and likely other, family wisdom when she got a male kitten. That cat's turbulent life settled down when he moved in with my parents several years later, where he still is. And guess what he does when he's displeased? Little devil...

I have an aunt that's had a series of dogs with some of the annoyances you describe, generally of the friendly variety, especially jumping all over you right after you get out of the car, which is better than annoyances of the agressive variety I suppose. But the rest of the family generally finds the dogs trying, which my aunt and uncle actually seem to enjoy. They'll be telling the dog to stop jumping on you but at the same time they'll be laughing uproariously at the hilarity (to them) of the excited dog, which of course ratchets up the dog's excitement. Once you get past the dog they're wonderful people though. They've had cats too, which sometimes have interesting relationships with the dog. One cat reportedly would jump down suddenly onto the back of the dog and ride until thrown off. Cats will do stuff like that.

At 7:00 AM , Blogger Becky said...

I should have included the jumpers, sandman1 and also the slobberers.


At 4:24 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

You are so on to it re dogs and cats ... I agree with every last word indeed I do!

At 6:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really getting a kindda jealous...tell me from where do you get them....I'm also looking for a kitten as a pet. I've tried going to animal re-homing centers but they don’t have any kittens in and are also quite reluctant to give us a cat as we live in a one bedroom flat provided by our aquabot firm. I've tried searching on the internet for local breeders but they are all for pedigree cats which are really expensive. How do I find a normal pet kitten? are there any websites etc?

At 2:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello becky this is Nick from georgia. Just give her lots of love and get her to love you back. Yeah ..


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