Saturday, October 07, 2006

Look at this, Adam darling---

Eve must have used an Empire apple to tempt that idiot Adam. They are the sweetest, crispest, most satisfying of the species, at least in this humble temptress's opinion. Although really, had mankind's fate been in the hands of Eve, she would have held out for a Dove Bar at the least. Maybe something with a little Chambord drizzled over it. Not a freaking apple.

It's tough being a snob. In the end, I don't wish to eat any apple that isn't at the apex of ripeness, so that cuts out 50 weeks of the year. Living here in Apple Madness, Massachusetts, this is what happens. We are spoiled for Granny Smith and the others.

We are on that short slide from school starting to Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. I am already making plans to be out of the house on Halloween. Humbug. I am going to Arkansas for Thanksgiving as per usual and it's always fun when I walk out of the airport in my heavy winter coat and feel the sun on my face. If you want to see satisfaction and bliss on human faces, hang around just outside of baggage claim in tropical climes during the winter months. AAAAH, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS. JUST FEEL IT. THIS IS WHY I CAME.

I am usually saying this to myself when the bomb-sniffing dogs walk by. My personal theory is that enjoyment of any vacation tops out right there. The first thrill is the best.

Anyway, I went to Honeypot Hill orchard yesterday and it was booming, as are all the pick-your-own places around here. I have no desire to pick my own. Fix your own grilled cheese!!!! Make your own prime rib!! No thanks!!!

Off to grade ten papers or die.

Be Here Now.



At 9:56 PM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Aint that the truth! All true - every word!

I'm pleased to meet an American who doesn't like Halloween (or that is the impression I get anyway from what you've written ...) Over here in my growing-up years, we never celebrated halloween - it was just a weird thing Americans did overseas. Then the shops got on to the commercial side of it and now it's established here too - like a noxious weed - I hate it. We shut the door, pull the curtains and don't answer the door that night. How mean are we?

Same can be said for Valentine's Day - Grrr humbug.

At 6:57 AM , Blogger Becky said...

Let's be mean together, Chief!!



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