Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ballet on the Rocks

For all those who doubted my balancing abilities, think again.

I wanted to do one of those Karate Kid poses, but couldn't quite manage it given the slipperiness of these rocks. I had intended to walk out to the farthest point, but my friends said if I did, they were turning around and leaving me there. Right after this shot, I slipped and fell into a more ignominious pose. Champagne fuels courage if not coordination.

Those of you who picked shopping weekend with the girls, YOU WERE RIGHT. Except it wasn't all shopping. It was mostly laughing. Everybody sets everybody else straight on what they are doing wrong with their lives and mostly how they need to THINK about their lives.

I have been set straight. I am on the Right Path. I will not falter.

Or these people will kill me.

I have been working on a totally new idea for a book. It's rather shocking for me. But in the larger sense it isn't shocking at all. I'm not ready to talk about it yet, though.

Class starts Tuesday and naturally that's the day they're saying snow and sleet and ice and every other undesirable thing in the weather. That means class prep tomorrow, UGH and UBER UGH.

I pray there are no grass moles in my class [figure it out, dear reader].

Go Pats.

A bientot