Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Becky's Reward

Mmmm yes, that's right, dear reader, I get to eat ice cream all day (not the cone, though). That's because I came through dental surgery yesterday and am still alive.

The surgeon was very cute and nice. This always helps.

"Are you comfortable?" he asked from time to time. They do not want you to say "no" to this. My girlfriend and I have delineated three degrees of tooth pain.

1) bearable
2) unbearable
3) hurts like a mofo

I generally do not complain unless I hit level 3 and then what the heck. At level 3, admonitions about becoming addicted to painkillers are laughable. SO WHAT. ADDICT THIS. I will take any pill, climb any mountain, ford any stream for any drug to get relief.

But I digress.

He wore black safety glasses and smiled at me with a warm crinkly look of concern. I like being in love while I'm being worked on. I wanted to tell him if this career doesn't work out for you, you can be a welder and I can bring you lunch.

"You okay?" was another thing he asked frequently. "mmghdks;f," I murmured in my most cheerful monotone, instead of "What time is it now? About how much longer do you think this will be? How many more times is that long probing thing going in?"

They showed me a collection of CDs I could listen to while they worked on me, but I declined. What if I started keeping time to the music? Dum da da dum dum DUM OH MY GOD TRAGIC ACCIDENT. Were they trying to get me not to listen to what THEY were saying? Things such as "Can you see her nails? Good grief. And you'd think she might own a better pair of shoes, wouldn't you?"

You get a goody bag when you leave. It has an instant ice pack, toothbrush, and I forget what else. No coupons for next time, though.

My face is swollen slightly. Here is a picture taken early this morning

I don't think it's too bad as long as I can get to the hairdresser's fairly soon.

A bientot



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