Friday, August 17, 2007

Mrs. Warren's Profession

My friend and I went to the Berkshires and saw Shaw's play. It was wonderfully done, thoughtful and provocative. Headache-producing actually. Who was right? Who was wrong? What are we supposed to think?

Okay, here's the premise and the question. You are a modern girl, educated and brought up right. You have never known your mother. She has supported you financially all of your days, and you have just found out that she did it with whorehouses. That word is not said, of course, not in Shaw's day. But that is the truth. Do you love her and embrace her or turn her away?

It seems obvious today, but it wasn't then.

In Lenox and Lee and Stockbridge, everything is picturesque and cute, even the doggy doo-doo bags.

Should you choose, you can tour Edith Wharton's mansion, The Mount, which we did. Yikes. Very elegant. Beyond words actually. Just look.

Edith was the first female to win a Pulitzer for literature She kicked ass in her time and that makes me feel proud and psyched for her. Also, her gardens are lush and comforting, unlike my

own. Haha, like I even HAVE gardens.

It was a day of thought, of gardens, of wondering where the bathrooms were.

Making good progress on my own book and hearkening back to Edith's inspiration. And Shaw's.

A bientot,




At 11:43 PM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Love the look of that house - how did she ever get the time to write?! A great writer though - I'm not surprised you have been inspired.
Shaw's great too.


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