Monday, August 06, 2007

Keeping my head above water

I must remain calm this week so as to complete all summer school grades and number crunching. Also another set of cats will be in here tomorrow. These are older felines of delicate sensibility. I don't expect to find them on top of the refrigerator. The other ones, my daughter's cats, could be anywhere at any time.
Still, I must keep my nose to the academic grindstone. Not to mention, other errands plus I'm at 26,000 words on my nun book and at a good place right now. She is entertaining ten people at Thanksgiving dinner. This puts me on solid ground since I know my frozen desserts so well.
I will of course take time out for Big Love tonight, the HBO series
Stay sane, dear reader, and cool if you're in my hemisphere.
A bientot


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