Wednesday, June 03, 2009

4:30 a.m.

My god, there's the sun! See it? LET'S GET GOING!
Is that big lump over there Becky? She's quiet. She must have finally fallen asleep. Let's let her know that time's a wastin' on this beautiful day.

I'll race you down the stairs and then back up here under the bed! Okay, GO!

YAAY, FUN! I WIN! Let's do it again!

Let's go back to the kitchen! I love walking on the table--hey look, here's some paperwork we can organize. Step carefully now--oops.

I think that might have been Becky's camera. It made kind of a loud noise on the floor. Oh, it'll be fine probably and she's still asleep anyway. Is that her voice yelling? Look, here's a partially deflated balloon under the couch. Let's take it back upstairs. In fact, let's try and take all our cat toys out of the basket and distribute them in all the rooms of the house! I'll race ya!

This is really doing us some good, I think. We've held back until now. But now we're comfortable and ready to rock and roll. This is ONE GREAT PLACE.

I think you knocked Becky's new dress off the hanger just then. Wow! She's joining in! Didn't she just yell out in joy and glee? What a fun gal! What does "goddammit" mean?
We should probably start reminding her to get up and put food in our bowl. She might not remember to do it. First let's cuddle in next to her so she can't turn over or move. Then you walk on her and lick her face. I'll flex my claws on her back. She's loving it! She's up and swinging her arms around!
Let's leave her here for a minute and try to organize some of the stuff under the bed. Put that balloon over there just in her path when she first stands up. Won't that be a good surprise? Good grief, what a mess. Why don't you scratch the inside of that box for a while? It makes a good noise, doesn't it?
Now let's be really quiet for a minute and then POUNCE up on the bed right next to Becky's face. Oh, she jumped, didn't she? God, that is so much fun. Let's walk around and then over to the bedside table. There's lots of stuff there so step carefully--oops, those were Becky's glasses, I think. Well, they're only on the floor--oops. Gosh, look at that. Becky left that drawer slightly open at the top of the bureau.
You know what? I think I can jump into it all the way from here. I'm sure I can.
WHOOOOOOOAH! That'll teach me, I guess. I clawed on to the bureau pretty heroically, wouldn't you say, but ended up down here again. That's all right. Let me try again. AAAAAAAAAAH--I made it to the top of the whole bureau! Wow! I love being up here! Oops. What is all this stuff? It's on the floor now. Was that perfume? Earrings? She really ought to clean this stuff up.
Have a good day, dear reader.
The kitties are really very cute.


At 6:39 AM , Blogger Kay said...

I read (exasperated) love between each line! ;)

At 7:23 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

You are digging deep, Kay, but accurately. Sigh.



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