Thursday, March 20, 2008

Red Sox Champions Carry Their Own Bags

Manny Ramirez drags his suitcase through the airport.

No!!! It can't be!!! And yet there is Manny Ramirez doing it. Pulling it ALL BY HIMSELF.

Hideki Okajima arrives in his native Japan.

This is Hideki Okajima -- Okie as he is known on the Red Sox-- CARRYING HIS OWN BAG.
Okay, well, Okie is not a HUGE star so maybe we're not totally surprised. Look how small that bag is. Hope he has enough underwear in there.
Although he won't be seeing any action in Japan, Curt Schilling arrives with the rest of his Red Sox teammates in Tokyo.
Looking very Donald Sutherlandesque, Curt Schilling carries HIS own bag and wears BEIGE of all things. What was he thinking? Plenty of underwear and a pillow for beauty sleep.

Tim Wakefield was all smiles after the 20 hour journey from Fort Myers to Tokyo was complete.

Tim Wakefield is happy because the knuckleball is known to swerve around an extra revolution in Japan. A little bit of sushi between the cheek and gum, my friends.
Sox captain and catcher Jason Varitek arrives at Tokyo's Hanada International airport one day after speaking out on behalf of the Red Sox coaches, who settled their pay dispute with MLB for the Japan trip.
Jason Varitek is manly in any country, and I know he would change my tire on the highway. Do they drive on the wrong side?
Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka (left) arrives at Tokyo's Haneda airport March 21, 2008. The Boston Red Sox flew into Tokyo on Friday, arriving just after midnight.

This is a very satisfying photograph (all are from the Boston Globe--YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST). Always in Boston, Dice K hangs back, looks shy, seems out of place. BUT NOT IN TOKYO, BABY! Can't you just picture him coming alive? HEY, COME ON, YOU GUYS, I GOT THREE MORE DIVE BARS TO TAKE YOU TO BEFORE THE NIGHT IS OVER. I'M KING OF THE DART TEAM AT TWO OF THEM!

Game 1 starter and Japan native Daisuke Matsuzaka has a smile across his face after arriving in Tokyo. The Sox arrived after midnight Tokyo time (around 11 a.m. Eastern).

Just look at that smile!!! I'm thinking no-hitter for the opening.
Josh ain't here anyway.

A bientot and thanks again to the Boston Globe.
love from Red Sox Nation,


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