Monday, June 22, 2009

Cat Toy? Or Dead Mouse?

I must make this decision several times a day. Either is possible. It's a question of emotion, of good judgment, of WHAT THE F IS THAT THING?



I have done that a few times. Along with Iphones, MRI medical diagnostics, and other twenty first century technology, cat toys have come a long way. They are pretty darn realistic. OH SHIT! OH GOD! Also they get under your feet. You're about to step backward to get a better look at yourself in the mirror (here's hoping) and so you rest your weight on one foot, and you feel a certain softness--oh god, I'm stepping on somebody's tail--OH GOD I'M GOING DOWN--but it's only a soft toy and you catch yourself in time. GOOD LORD.

The cats have this blue toy shown here but aren't interested in it. They prefer telephone wires and digital cameras. They like to explore sacks. Violet was hiding inside a cloth shopping bag the other day and I stepped on her. I felt so bad. But you know, their feelings are never hurt. I KNOW YOU STEPPED ON ME AND SPOKE HARSH WORDS, BUT I STILL LIKE YOU AND I STILL EXPECT FOOD AT REGULAR HOURS. I can hear them now in the next room working on some project. It's very cute when Dahlia leaps into my lap as I sit at the computer and then insinuates herself up over my shoulder and purrs. Aw.

It almost makes up for the 4:30am Extreme Cat Olympics. Is this on ESPN yet? It should be.

GOOD BOOK ALERT: The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff-------yummy yummy. I love that polygamy stuff. I don't want to be IN it, don't get me wrong. But it makes for a good story, that's for sure.
I am traveling this week, dear reader, and so will not post for a while.
I will miss you, though.


At 4:26 AM , Blogger Kay said...

Eeek, toy mice would be just about as horridible as real (almost ...)
Will miss you too - have fun!

At 6:13 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

They terrify me every time, Kay. Thanks.



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