Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Day 16

Kind of a blah hungry day. Breakfast: The Usual, do I have to say? 280

Lunch: LC hyena meat with rice 210
Dollop of Thousand Island (couldn't live without my dollops) 50
Grapes 80

Dinner: WW Salisbury Steak (Think eraser from the top of your desk, just change it to brown and put gravy on it) 200
Humongous Pile of Absolutely No-Cal Vegetables 0
Slathering of raspberry vinaigrette (slightly more than dollop)
-- thanks, Paul Newman, rip 70
fudgcicle 60
BreathSavers 60

TOTAL: 1010
MAIN BITCH: Everybody else can lose weight except me
LITTLE VOICE: You are no good and worthless

love, can't talk, my computer is fkced up
Hot Fudge Won't Budge


At 11:07 AM , Blogger Kristina said...

Wow, your little voice is evil! Also very, very wrong.

At 11:24 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Aw, thanks. :)


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