Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fireworks and GCC: Amy Wallen

Fireworks are fun, but in suburban areas a bit predictable. They seem to be comprised of:

1) small red bursts

2) small blue bursts

3) small white and/or sparkly bursts

5) The Big Zinnia

6) loud sonic booms

7) audible launch and then pitiful small bang

8) finale on the ground of sizzling Statue of Liberty sword fighting with Abraham Lincoln. No one can see it anyway.Then everyone walks out in the dark to count mosquito bites.It is all great fun for little kids who run manically around with glow-in-the-dark tubes. A few Frisbee injuries, hopefully not me.Recovering from dental surgry. Uck.
I am pleased now to report on :

Amy Wallen is our featured Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit author this week and I'm sorry my computer is still in the shop! But here is some info on what looks like a great read:

Ruby Kincaid has her hands full these days. In addition to running the bowling alley after the death of her husband, Rascal, she has the daunting task of caring for her two boisterous grandchildren, since her daughter Violet disappeared without a trace four years earlier. It’s 1976 and Ruby and her nearest and dearest in Devine, Texas are watching their favorite soap opera at the bowling alley when they see Violet in a Buttermaid commercial. Expecting it will only take a little motherly guilt to rein in her wayward daughter, Ruby loads up the Winnebago and heads for Hollywood to try and bring Violet back to the Lone Star State.
Along for the ride are Imogene, Violet’s over-bearing and pretentious mother-in-law (who’s ready to assume the title of “celebrity-in-law”), and Loralva, Ruby’s wild sister who is itching to visit Tinsel Town because it’s where all the game shows are taped – and nothing’s going to stop her from making it to her favorite, The Price Is Right. Rounding out the group are Ruby’s grandchildren Bunny and Bubbie who are confused, sad, and excited at the prospect of finding their mother. They give Ruby the courage she needs to track Violet down and try to make things right.
While MOONPIES AND MOVIE STARS is great fun and a lot of laughs, it is also a poignant story of dreaming big, finding home, and coming to terms with family.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amy Wallen has studied with a number of acclaimed writers, including Janet Fitch (White Oleander). She has taken those talents cultivated in the workshops of these great writers and brought them to her own creative writing classes at UC San Diego Extension. Amy also hosts an open mic night in San Diego, Los Angeles and New York called Dime Stories Live, in collaboration with the national public radio show airing this summer. This is her first novel. Visit her on the web at
A bientot


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